Different Types of Light Sources Used In a Military Flashlight

A military grade flashlight is a type of light that is used for navigation as well as self defense purposes. It generally has the aspect of a light to illuminate a path in darkness with a hard casing that can be used to attack when needed. The light is powered by batteries.

Different sources of light used in a military grade flashlight

There are varied sources of light used to illuminate a military flashlight which are as follows –

  • Incandescent lights

Flashlights that use incandescent bulbs for emitting light have a bulb made of glass and a filament of tungsten. The inner part of the bulb may have vacuum or may be filled with xenon, krypton or argon. At times these lights also use halogen gases which improve the longevity and efficiency of the light. The bulbs in these flashlights can be replaced when needed.

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  • Diode emitting lights

Nowadays, incandescent lights are getting replaced by LEDs. LEDs are diodes emitting lights. The LED lights were introduced in California in the year 1999. It is a light emitter that emits white light using high power. These lights are much better than incandescent lights in terms of efficiency and they emit approximately hundred lumens of light per watt of energy whereas incandescent lights produce only eight to ten lumens of light per watt of energy.

  • Lights using discharge of high intensity

This is less common form of light used for emitting light in flashlights. The HID or high-intensity-discharge light is a form of discharge light that uses a combination of argon and halide salts of metal for its functioning. These can produce more light than incandescent lamps with the equal amount of energy.

These are the various types of light sources that are being used in a military flashlight with LED source being the most common.