Dove Medical Press Acts as a Facilitator

A medical journal which is of free access to scientific review by adolescents and is published academically is dove medical press. This mainly has its spread over United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. It is a company which is being held secretly and has been founded in the year 2003. The company was founded by Tom Hill, who was a former and managing director of the company of Adis International. There are two chief executive directors of the company namely Kevin Toale and the other one is Philip Smith.


Publications of the press


As many as 42 journals out of 132 were put up in the Pubmed at the end of 11th April, 2013. Whereas 30 out of 131 journals comprised of less than 10 articles. In the year of 2012 inclusion of the company’s name was enlisted at the Beall’s list of predatory open access publishers. However it was removed t a later stage. Dove medical press tends to act as a member or a mediator of sponsorship for several other professional organizations. They engaged in sponsoring meaningful events like International Translational Nanomedicine conference which is an annual event and was started in the year 2013. Other events like Young scholar awards which were presented by one of the several journals and the International Journal of Medicine were also sponsored.


Dove Medical Press


Achievements of the company


In the year 2012, dove medical press got certified to become carbon neutral by achieving the certificate of programme for carboNZero. As the publisher has open access to all, it is compelled to charge a regular fee for publication fee to several authors and their related institutions or the funding facilitators. This publication fee which is charged acts as a way of recovering the cost of production and editing. This also helps in providing waivers for free to the authors from developing countries.


Dove is primarily a member of one of the most famous Association of learned and Professional society Publishers, the association of that of the Open Archives Initiative and the Committee on Public Ethics.