Ecigaret Land: The future of smoking is here

People came to know about the ill-effects of smoking in the past few years. Ever since that time, people have wanted to quit smoking and the sales of Ecigaret Land has seen a rise in numbers. The different companies have been trying many innovative ways of bringing out products which would provide people with the enjoyment of the nicotine without them having to smoke a cigarette. E cigarettes as well as nicotine patches and gums are hence being used.

Cigarette like feel

The e cigarettes are the latest products in the segment to hit the market. They have been designed in such a way that smoking it feels like smoking an actual cigarette. They do not contain any tobacco although they emit smoke. The vapors that people inhale are actually coming from the nicotine in the e-vaeske. It does not contain any kinds of carcinogens.

Ecigaret Land


The E-cigaret has a cartridge which is filled with nicotine in liquid form. When you see a person inhaling, an atomizer converts the liquid nicotine into vapor. When you take in this vapor, you will get a hit within seconds. A LED light is present at the end of the e cigarette, which is orange in color. This simulates a real cigarette and lights up whenever a user inhales.

Strength of the Ecigaret Land

The Roskilde e-juice containing cigarettes come in various levels of strengths for you. There are cigarettes of full as well as half strength. These e cigarettes are meant for people who wish to do away with the habit of smoking tobacco based cigarettes.

The e-cigaretter has a distinct advantage over the regular nicotine gums or patches. This is because the nicotine hits you much faster here, than when you are using gums or patches. These cigarettes are also financially viable.