Essay Writing Basics: Summarizing and Transitioning


In this article, we will be going over a few of the most basic of essay writing elements. You should learn this process to better your understanding of the discipline of academic writing.

We will be discussing two things: summarizing and transitioning in this article. So, sit tight, as these are really important.

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Summarizing is central to the formation of a good analytical or academic essay. Summarizing essentially stands for distilling the ideas and points from another source. You come across a source that can prove pivotal in your own dissertation, but you understand that you can’t directly use the matter.


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That is when you summarize. Making a summary doesn’t mean lifting content, copying, or stealing in any manner. Doing summaries is part of writing good essays. When you take another source, and incorporate it in your own essay, you should have added consideration of the fact that the sourced material needs to go with the flow of your own content.

In other words, you need to make sure that the original source is modified to adapt to your own essay, otherwise it will either not work or function improperly.


If you use a service like My Essay Services, you will see how intelligently points are transitioned. Transitioning means softly going from one paragraph or sentence to another so that the reader can follow easily.

Words and phrases like “furthermore,” “in addition to,” and “therefore” work as bridges between areas of differing contexts that need to be glued together. Always use intelligent transitioning.