National nutrition: because it is important to keep the nation fit and healthy

Supplements are used for a variety of purposes but it is to be kept in mind that a vast majority of them are used for body building purposes. It is important to be aware of the norm that our body types are different. A particular supplement working excellently in your body, may not work well in someone else’s body. It is always advised to consult a dietician or your gym trainer before you decide to inculcate supplements in your diet. They will provide you with supplements based on your body type and needs. So it is always a clever decision to not go with hearsay but to consult an expert when deciding on which supplement Canada product you should to buy and imbibe in your diet.


national nutrition


What are the best supplements?

While there is no clear consensus as to which are the best supplements owing to differences in their reactions with the individual’s body, a recent study has given us a fair idea on which supplements have contributed majorly to upliftment of national nutrition. The best selling products of supplements Canada are:


Creatine acts as a secondary energy provider in our bodies and hence is extremely beneficial if you do high intensity workouts. Creatine is an effective energy provider, especially to your muscles. Creatine’s importance lies in its chemistry- since it has phosphate donor, it acts to replenish ATP. ATP is the energy currency of the body.

Whey protein supplements

Whey protein supplements contain casein and whey in the ratio of 4:1 roughly. They help in the synthesis of protein and hence building up of body mass. Casein breaks down slowly into its constituents and whey’s rate of breakdown is faster. This combination promotes rapid protein synthesis as well as prevents excessive breakdown of protein. In this way, casein-whey protein supplement helps in bettering national nutrition.