Rules of corn hole game

Corn hole rules

Corn hole is the best option which can be chosenwhen you are willing to enjoy the backyard party. The game is very simpleand easy to play and do not need any athletic skills for playing the game. Even kids can play the game easily. There arecertainrules of thegame which are to be followed. Theboards are to be placed onthe flat surface. If it is alawn or he concretepavement you need to make sure that the platform is placed at the flat surface so that any kind ofconfusion can beavoided.

The cornhole rules explain that the holes shouldbe 33 feet away from each other. In orderto make things easy you need to keep the distance between front lines at almost 27 feet and should also have the twoboards facing each other. The nextrule is to stand next to the board and also acrossyour teammate. It is knownthat most of the lawn games explain that you have to stand with teammatebut in this game you have to stand across teammate and by opponent.  But you shouldalso make sure in the cornhole game that both stand on same side and face each other.

cornhole rules

Basic rules

Another rules explain that each and every team has 4 corn bag and of one color. It is possible that you and your teammate get the bag of same color and the opponents get of another color. Then you have to decide that which side will get the chance ofthrowing first. It can bedecided by flipping of coin or with the other ways. Make sure that you see some quick way for deciding. Both the players can make turn. The game is divided into inning and it calls the alternating of throws between the opponent and you.