The Space Case is a Good Herb Grinder

People using weed generally tend to have herb grinder that can be effectively used to grind and shred it down to minutest piece in a uniform way.The grinder can be the best way possible to tear down the weed so that consumption is enjoyable and easy. The Space Case is built in a way that it is very robust and strong and any mechanical force on it can hardly deform the case. This can be a very big advantage for a person and help him to store the case anywhere without any worry of being broken or deformed.

herb grinder

  • There are certain positives–The hardness of the case is due to titanium, from which it is made and therefore it is so durable. The teeth of the herb grinder is diamond shaped that can be very helpful to mince and shred the leaves into small and uniform pieces. In fact, the teeth of a grinder matters a lot because ultimately it is the teeth which does all the work in the grinder and so it is very essential that the teeth is sharp and can hold the leaves perfectly for the churning. One more positive of this grinder is the lifetime warranty that is given by the manufacturers and this can be very useful for a customer.
  • It is quite costly and that is a turn down – As with all the good things in life, this too has its own downsides. Though not much. Only that the price of the herb grinder is a bit too high and not everyone can expect to buy it easily. It is priced at $73 and that can be quite a lot compared to any other model. Due to this price tag many people get demoralized whereas the truth is that the product is absolutely awesome.